What we do

As a digital solutions provider, IntelliSmart works with key stakeholders across the board to bring in financial and operational efficiencies in the power and distribution space. One of its central focus areas is the implementation, financing and operation of the Smart Metering Programme. It seeks to operate at scale by leveraging the expertise and capital of both EESL and NIIF and works in collaboration with all stakeholders to procure, deploy and provide operations and maintenance for smart meter infrastructure.

Smart Metering  Programme 

The company aims to give a fillip to the Smart Metering programme in India. It will lead the implementation of smart meters through BOOT (Build. Own. Operate. Transfer) model to expedite the deployment, which shall replicate the EESL success so far on the same model.

The Smart Meter National Programme is a proven testament to how a single intervention can lead to considerable monetary savings to DISCOMs via various financial models, while simultaneously improving the sector’s health and operational efficiencies. Smart meters offer a myriad of benefits, across the energy value chain. They:

  • Help make DISCOMs agile by offering lead indicators on demand and mitigating the need for manual checking.
  • Enable auto collection of meters read over the air, reducing the need for manual intervention, remote connect/disconnect as per the state utility guidelines.
  • Help DISCOMs function remotely by eliminating manual collections.
  • Offer consumers a seamless online billing process & digital payment of bills.
  • Help consumers have access to real-time tracking of electricity usage.
  • Usher in a reduction of billing errors.
  • Help consumers track their consumption patterns and adopt more energy-efficient behaviours and appliances.
  • Offer them an option to pre-pay for electricity, based on their requirements and thus be in control of their total energy spends.
  • Enable time of day metering and thus, playing a pivotal role in the integration of renewable power.