We, at IntelliSmart, continuously strive to achieve our primary objective of creating value for our clients by implementing robust Quality Management System and sustainable Business processes. Our commitment is to always uphold quality, safety and process compliance across the entire product value chain. Some significant initiatives by us under the key building blocks of Quality and standardized Business Processes include:

  • Carrying out an early assessment of partner capabilities and evaluating built in quality standards in the supplied meters.
  • Building and implementing a comprehensive QA program covering Manufacturing and Field Quality Plan.
  • Carrying out stringent testing of meters from NABL accredited labs.
  • Carrying out compliance checks of processes and refining them by continuously incorporating leading practices.

We encourage constant feedbacks from our internal and external partners that, along with internal compliance audits that we conduct to ensure adherence to the quality and process standards, enable and guide us in our journey towards continual improvement.