IntelliSmart targets to co-evolve and co-own the mission of digital evolution in the power sector with our partners, employees, stakeholders and our consumers across the power value chain. IntelliSmart is driven by purpose of creating value in energy ecosystems by reducing waste and pass on this value of end consumers. We are committed to build a culture of partnership with all stakeholders based on trust and goal ownership.



We are unyielding in adhering to our strong moral ethos. We honour our commitments and are stringent believers of honesty and transparency in our functioning.


We are staunch believers of building a culture of respect and individuality in our organisation. We allow our employees to express their opinions and viewpoints, and value their contributions to enrich our endeavours.


We are fueled by the spirit of innovation. We constantly look towards devising creative and novel solutions, to tackle all the challenges.


We believe in sustainability and leading by example. We strive to reduce the adverse effects on climate through Business Operations & Processes and our actions in Professional and Personal space.



We are driven by the singular goal of transforming India’s power sector, by harnessing the power of technology.


All our stakeholders – internal or external, are an integral part of our organisation, and each of them play a pivotal role in achieving our objectives.


Safety, Quality, Reliability, Efficiency and efficacy are at the core of our operations, which we aim to achieve by instituting the right processes.


We believe in the power of collaboration and value the role of our partners in achieving favourable outcomes.